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We are a team of software development experts that has the capability and resources to provide strategy, creative, design and development for building and growing the sharing economy. We offers advanced platform solutions to enables our customers to create all types of marketplaces. Our high quality, low-cost solutions help businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, and become more profitable, flexible and robust. Our mission is to add value to our client’s business through our wide gamut of Offerings and Expertise. We are guided by Core Values like Commitment, Competence, Quality, Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction that shape our business

Why e-Marketplaces Solutions

The sharing economy has been growing rapidly, leading many people to consider starting their own online marketplace. Online marketplaces can help people share goods, services, accommodations, and relevant information.

You’re an aspiring marketplace entrepreneur and you want to build an online marketplace website like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. That's a great idea: in 2018 alone, Etsy earned $603.69M. And it's not even the most popular marketplace in the USA. But there’s one question – how much does it cost to build an online marketplace?

After coming up with a startup idea, the first thing you need is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to see if your product will actually succeed in the market.

According to our estimation, a marketplace MVP requires roughly 800 hours of development time if you build from Scratch. According to, an average hourly rate for web development teams in several countries is around $50/h. Building a marketplace Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with common features costs around $41,200.

So developing a marketplace platform from scratch isn't cheap, and your idea may cost many of thousands.

e-MarketplaceSolutions provide a Software-as-a-Service platform that allows you to create your online marketplace with all common features at low cost, easy to scale and fast to the market.

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